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How to Prepare Your Office for Cold and Flu Season?

Preventing the Flu with Commercial Office Cleaning

Cold and flu season is coming, and it’s nothing to sneeze at. The colder weather months mean more people will be catching and spreading the flu virus. As if that wasn’t enough to worry about, COVID variants and other viruses have added themselves to the concern roster. After the events of the past few years, both employees and employers are on high alert about contagious infections and are focused on how to prevent them.

A healthier, safer office is good for people–and good for business. You want your employees to enjoy good health, and to feel comfortable and safe in their work environment. You also want to maintain productivity, which is hard to do when your staff misses work. This is where a commercial cleaning service can be the first line of defense for a safer workplace.

According to the CDC, people carrying the flu virus can be contagious for up to several days, sometimes even before they have shown symptoms. The flu is passed through water droplets released into the air when people sneeze, cough, or talk. It can be picked up from surfaces as well. Hiring a professional cleaning service can help you go beyond basic cleaning and maintain a regular building cleaning schedule, which can help to protect employees and customers this cold and flu season.

Trinity Building Service’s cost-efficient commercial cleaning services provide a clean and safe working environment for your business.

Here’s how a high-quality, professional cleaning service can help you navigate cold and flu season for a safer, healthier workplace.

Get Your Business Ready For Cold And Flu Season

A professional cleaning service can maintain a routine and handle deep cleaning

A professional cleaning service provides regular deep cleaning to reduce the risk of pathogens spreading in your workplace. Every surface and space in your office that is being used needs to be cleaned often. Commercial cleaning services go beyond routine, basic tasks to clean systematically and thoroughly, even in places that are easily overlooked.

Cold and flu viruses can live on surfaces for 24-48 hours. Doorknobs, light switches, drawer handles, counters, desks, hand railings, and many other high-contact surfaces can be hotspots for these viruses to gather. Trinity Building Services provides Electrostatic sanitizing services and uses ultraviolet technologies that kill pathogens. For a healthier clean, our crews also use green, plant-based cleaning products that are safer for people as well as environmentally friendly. Hiring a commercial cleaning service to maintain a regular cleaning routine as well as do deep cleaning is an excellent way to create an optimal environment for your office.

Tips For Keeping Businesses Clean And Safe During Flu Season

Proactive measures you can take in addition to hiring a commercial cleaning service

In addition to hiring a professional cleaning service, there are steps you can take to prevent illness from spreading among your employees:

  • No-touch trash cans provide a cleaner way to dispose of waste while reducing the potential for surface transfer of viruses.
  • Easy access to tissues can ensure those germ-laden coughs and sneezes are covered and contained.
  • Make sure your office maintains access to plenty of hand soap and hand sanitizer.
  • Offering sick leave or flexible schedules for sick employees to work from home protects your healthy employees from contracting viruses.
  • You can also host a flu vaccine clinic at your office and offer convenient vaccination opportunities to your employees.


Combining these preventative measures with hiring a commercial cleaning service is a rock-solid plan to maintain your office building and protect your employees’ health. When every sneeze has us on high alert, it’s more essential than ever to ensure a clean office environment for health and productivity.

Hire a professional cleaning service in San Francisco during cold and flu season

Not all professional cleaning services are created equal. Many commercial cleaning services vacuum, mop, and empty trash cans but don’t provide deep cleaning that creates a safer, healthier work environment, especially during cold and flu season. Trinity Building Services keeps your facility clean, green, and compliant with a full range of commercial cleaning services in San Francisco. We can help with all your commercial cleaning service needs, whether you have a small office, a multi-suite corporate facility, or a large retail space.

Contact us to learn about the many reasons our customers choose to hire a commercial cleaning service in San Francisco, from daily office cleaning to deep cleaning to window washing and air vent cleaning. Call us today at 650-873-2121 or request a free commercial cleaning quote online to learn more about the benefits of hiring a commercial cleaning service in San Francisco.

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