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We can help you order supplies through a streamlined process that ensures that the necessary materials are on site and it top condition. Trinity has the experience to manage inventory, help with procurement planning, carefully select vendors, do order placement and finally keep track of orders. Ensuring timely deliveries and resolving and discrepancies quickly.

Supply Ordering

Our staff can assist in a wide variety of support for keeping the building fully supplied as well as receiving and placing orders. Below are some examples of the tasks involved, depending on the size and complexity of the building.


Inventory management and tracking:

  • Monitor inventory levels of cleaning supplies and equipment.
  • Track usage and consumption of supplies.
  • Identify reorder points for each item based on usage and lead times.
  • Conduct physical inventory counts regularly.
  • Identify and eliminate obsolete or unused items.

Order placement and processing:

  • Obtain quotes from multiple suppliers.
  • Compare prices, quality, and delivery times.
  • Negotiate contracts with preferred suppliers.
  • Place orders electronically or through purchase orders.
  • Track order status and follow up with suppliers.
  • Receive and inspect deliveries.
  • Verify invoices and process payments.

Supply storage and distribution:

  • Store supplies in a clean, dry, and secure location.
  • Label and organize supplies for easy identification.
  • Develop a system for distributing supplies to cleaning staff.
  • Track and manage inventory levels at satellite locations.

Compliance with regulations:

  • Ensure all cleaning chemicals are properly labeled and meet safety standards.
  • Maintain Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for all chemicals.
  • Dispose of hazardous waste properly.
  • Follow all environmental regulations regarding cleaning products and waste disposal.

Technology and automation:

  • Utilize inventory management software to track supplies and automate reorders.
  • Implement online ordering systems for seamless procurement.
  • Use mobile apps for real-time inventory updates and order placement.