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Janitorial Services In San Francisco Bay Area

Trinity Building Services is a family-owned business that has provided superior janitorial, specialized cleaning, and maintenance services to commercial clients since 1987. Our green cleaning products and environmentally friendly processes ensure that the employees and staff at all facilities we maintain are safe and healthy.


Cleanliness is universally appreciated: clean floors, fresh air, stocked restrooms, smudge-free surfaces. Along with promoting a healthier environment, superior cleaning maintains a facilities’ assets, increases employee morale, and welcomes customers back. Maintaining a top-level custodial program is of the utmost importance.



Since 1987, Trinity has been using best in class cleaning equipment to provide Households and Businesses the peace of mind that comes with a refreshingly clean home or office. We’ve dedicated ourselves to crafting proven methods for carpet cleaning, tile cleaning, upholstery cleaning and air duct cleaning.



We can help you order supplies through a streamlined proces that ensures that the necessary materials are on site and it top condition. Trinity has the experience to manage inventory, help with procurement planning, carefully select vendors, do order placement and finally keep track of orders.



Trinity Building Services can play a crucial role in assisting clients with routine maintenance tasks, ensuring the smooth operation and upkeep of their facilities. We provide preventative maintenance, predictive maintenance, corrective maintenance as well as emergency repairs and facility upgrades.


Years Servicing The Bay Area

Trinity Building Services has been keeping our customers’ facilities clean in the San Francisco Bay Area Bay Area for more than 30 years.

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Buildings Managed

We have managed over 300 buildings in multiple U.S. states, from occasional cleanings to complete janitorial and maintenance.

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Team Members

Our licensed, bonded, and insured staff of janitorial professionals clean everything from corporate offices to educational facilities.

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Providing a safe and clean environment for your staff and tenants is essential to promote productivity and enhance morale. Trinity’s trained day and night cleaning staff, supervision, and operation management take care of your office facility services needs so you can focus on your core operations with peace of mind knowing you work in safe clean built-in working environment.


Day Porter and Janitorial Services to provide a safe clean built-in environment for students, staff, and parents. Our trained staff and cleaning and sanitation programs for schools allow for peace of mind while students and staff safely return to campus.

Multi Residential

Common Area Porter Services for residential common areas that protect your properties common area assets and present a safe clean built-in environment. Highly visible cleaners can create a sense of safety for tenants to fully enjoy their onsite living.


Whether be indoor or outdoor retail environments, our trained cleaners and technicians can keep your retail facility sanitized and presentable for visiting customers. Our retail cleaning programs align with your goals to provide a best-in-class shopping experience.


Warehouses, Distribution Centers, Manufacturing, Trinity has the operational infrastructure and experience in the industrial space to meet your service needs. We can provide services to meet the schedules and deadlines your industrial staff must meet to deliver the products your customers need.


Our healthcare cleaning and sanitization programs adhere to the latest cleaning regulations and utilize modern cleaning technologies to maintain the stringent standards of sanitization of healthcare facilities. Our staff are constantly trained to incorporate new OSHA and related governmental mandates on sanitization and safety practices.


Our trained cleaners understand the importance of a presentable showroom for your customers to feel comfortable making the decision to purchase their everyday vehicle for themselves and family. Trinity provides a safe clean built-in environment for your dealership’s customers and staff.

Gov & Defense

Trinity has vast experience servicing public sector accounts and assets. Whether it be local, state, or federal contracts, Trinity has the depth of knowledge and on-boarding expertise to ensure our staff can properly and safely conduct service in sensitive government environments.

About Trinity Building Services

Family Owned

Trinity Building Services is a family owned and locally operated business that has provided superior janitorial and maintenance service to commercial and residential clients since 1987. As a family-owned business, we can give you the personal service not normally found in larger, impersonal janitorial companies.

We don’t have corporate restraints, nor reporting burdens normally associated within the institutional culture. We have the management time available and the commitment of our entire team to implement and maintain best-in-class cleaning programs for our commercial clients. Our flexibility is largely in part to our experienced management and the large pool of skilled personnel we employ from the local community. Our supervisors are bilingual, dedicated professionals whose primary concern is customer satisfaction and delivering on expectations.