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Security Services In San Francisco, CA

We help keep people and assets safe.

Whether you need one guard at a reception desk, or a team of security officers to monitor your network
of assets, Trinity can provide the security you need with the ease and efficiency you desire.

A visible security presence reduces criminal activity and Trinity’s on-site security guards will maintain
order, protect property, and enforce regulations. We can also help reduce liability by reporting
obstructed access ways, lighting issues and other safety-related issues. Trinity’s Integrated Security

Service has long been recognized by Property Owners, law enforcement, and government agencies as
the best way to protect assets.

We know that every business environment has different security needs, which is why we have leveraged
our knowledge and expertise to develop a variety of security services to meet any client’s requirements.


For over 30 years Trinity has kept people and assets safe, it would be a honor to keep you and your
personnel safe and guarded.


Access Control

Reception/concierge duties

On-site Security

Personnel and Patrol

Loss prevention 

Special events

Customized and site-specific

security functions

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